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A positive space for community-building & actionable resources to bring you back to yourself.

The Naturmend Network

About Us

We are an integrative health clinic in Calgary helping our wonderful clients achieve their health goals since 2012. Expanding into the online world seemed a natural next step given the radical events that shifted the wellness landscape in 2020. We have created a safe space for those who are looking to cultivate community as well as make positive change in the world. 

We live and align by our values: love and compassion, honesty, education, inclusivity and community. We practice what we preach and are committed to expanding into the best versions of ourselves – the most loving, compassionate and growth-centered humans we can be. 

We are driven by a desire to share the knowledge from our unique team and bring together a conscious community of liked-minded humans. The end goal? A global reach where individuals can come together and explore the topics that matter most to them.

Pull up a chair. You're safe here. Safe to grow, safe to question, safe to expand. Welcome to the Network.

Why You Should Join Us

How do you feel after scrolling through social media? Tired, anxious, stressed, frustrated? We built this network as an alternative to that experience. By joining us, you will have access to an uplifting, positive & safe place to be yourself.

Not only that, you will also have access to our team of skilled wellness experts. We are here to help you combat stress, regain peace of mind and build resilient physical, mental and spiritual health. We want to make this world a better place to be, and we know that the first step is through being kinder and more compassionate towards ourselves. Our goal is to create a community of people who are ready to bring change into the world, starting from within.

Are you ready for real, authentic human connection? Come on in and join the fun!

Membership also comes with benefits!

As a part of the The Naturmend Network, you will also receive:

  • 10% off ALL purchases from Naturmend Online 
  • 10% off ALL in-person and virtual services at our integrative health clinic
  • Weekly health resources (plant medicine, nutrition, and more!)
  • Live events & webinars with our health experts
  • Quarterly health-focused challenges
  • Guided meditations
  • Guest speakers
  • A positive & uplifting space to grow your very own community of like-minded people
  • Your first two weeks for free!
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